Touring Car Construction Rules

1:10th scale Touring Cars

Touring cars allow for fast action wheel to wheel racing where a traditional racing line and consistency is the aim of the game. Kits don’t have to cost a fortune and some basic kits can be very competitive whereas competition kits can be very complex and sensitive to set-up and track conditions. Either way, the racing experience and reward from good handling and speed is fantastic. Build rules have been introduced in line with other local clubs where you can race these cars.


  • 1:10 Touring Car. No drift chassis or set-ups.
  • Ride height must be no less than 5mm and is subject to spot checks to prevent damage to the carpet.



  • Brushless.
  • 13.5t motor in blinky mode (no esc boost / turbo) or 17.5t motor allowed with turbo / boost.


  • Open choice.
  • Reverse is not permitted. Either disable via ESC or EPS on transmitter


  • Stick or shorty 2s hard case LiPo firmly secured into the car.


  • Open choice.

Wheel / Tyres:

  • Any rubber slicks designed for 1:10 TC’s. Radials permitted but not recommended.
  • Popular tyres are Sorex or Volante 28’s.

Body Shell:

  • Any 1:10 body designed for RC Touring Car racing.
  • Scale and Vintage bodies are permitted, but not recommended for performance and handling.

Other Requirements:

  • Water based tyre additive only.
  • Hop-ups and upgrades are permitted.