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Welcome to the website of The Ribble Valley Remote Control Car Club or RVRCCC for short. If you are new here and interested in taking part in RC car racing, it would be well worth visiting our track one Friday evening. Anyone and everyone is welcome at the club. The club races both 1:10th Off-Road Buggies, a Buggy Vintage class and On-Road HotRods/Mardave Mini’s, GT12’s and Trucks. Off-Road and On-Road run on alternate Fridays, allowing for a wide variety of racing and classes.
We have an under 12 and an under 16 championship with the main competition being open for everyone (seniors and juniors)
The club is very friendly and more than happy to offer advice on what maybe the most suitable car for you to compete with (whether it’s just for some light-hearted fun or you’re preparing to become a competitive racer.)

You will get a better understanding of what makes and models of cars are most popular and this generally helps you to decide what to purchase. (Its much easier to gain on-going advice if you buy a car that other people are running. This way you can get help with set-up advice and most importantly, there will be a good chance that other people will have any spare parts you may need until your driving improves.)

As mentioned, each week alternates between Off-Road and On-Road. Off-Road runs on an EOS carpet and the On-Road runs on Lindau carpet, both are credible standards for national indoor racing . This allows you to transition to other clubs around the area and be confident that your car will handle in a similar way from venue to venue.


Finally, as you get to understand more about the hobby, it maybe worth directing you to a few useful pages. We would suggest you start by taking a look at our Youtube channel Here you will see the various races and give you an understanding of what it entails. Example video below

Don’t get too bogged down with the rules, we are a relaxed club and most off-the shelf kits or ready-to-run cars will conform to most of our rules. However, it would be useful to read through the General Club Rules and  New Driver Info page which is full of useful advice.
We hope you find out site helpful and hope to see you at trackside in the near future!