Buggy Construction Rules

1:10th scale Buggy (modified or stock)
Buggy racing indoors attracts a large number of racers, not only because the racing is fun, with track jumps and features, but also because there are so many different options for cars and electrics that can be explored, and not just at RVRCCC. There are hundreds of 1:10th buggy tracks around the country with a wealth of experience always on hand to help set up your buggy to suit the track and your style of driving. Rules have been introduced in line with other local clubs and regional and national events.


Any 1:10th scale 2wd or 4wd Buggy Kit or Ready to Run cars are allowed.
2wd cars are those having only one pair of driven wheels on the same axle, either front or rear axle may be driven. 4wd cars are those having all four wheels driven.
The overall width of any bumper must not exceed the overall width of the front of the car including wheels. The bumper must be constructed of a resilient material such as plastic or rubber, with rounded edges and corners and be of a design which will not cause personal injury
Ride height must be no less than 12mm and is subject to spot checks to prevent damage to the carpet


Any brushed or brushless motor designed for 1:10th RC racing.

Any 2s ESC designed for 1:10th RC racing

Any 6 cell nimh or 2s hard case shorty or stick lipo firmly secured into the car.


Open choice.

Wheels / Tyres:
Any standard 1:10th scale buggy wheel and rubber tyre designed for carpet racing.
Hard spiked tyres should be avoided as they can cause damage to the carpet and make the cars handling very hard to get right.

Body Shell:
Any bodyshell designed for 1:10th scale buggy racing.
Bodyshells must remain securely fastened to the car using either body clips or Velcro.
Rear wings are permitted but must not be wider that the car.
Front wings may be used as per kits and must not have sharp edges

Other Requirements:

  • Tyre additive is NOT PERMITTED
  • Hop-ups and upgrades are permitted.
  • Shock tower end MUST be covered to prevent damage to the carpet when the car is inverted.
  • Spur gear covers MUST be covered (to prevent injury to marshals when handling the car).
  • All sharp edges MUST be protected to prevent damage to the carpet and marshals