GT12 Construction Rules

1:12th scale GT12
GT12 racing, like touring cars, offers wheel to wheel racing at its best, just at a smaller scale and potentially less budget. This is a very popular class at RVRCCC and other local clubs, therefore there is often a used bargain to be found and plenty of set-up advice to hand. Modifications are allowed so it is up to the racer to decide what they spend their money on to improve lap times, the latest carbon parts, alloy bling or practice time. Rules have been introduced in line with other local clubs and regional and national events.

Any 1:12th scale ‘GT12’ chassis. E.g. Schumacher Atom, Zen RC, Mardave Venom. (LMP with reduced width rear tyres not allowed)
Maximum width of rolling chassis is 165mm.
Wheelbase is 196mm minimum and 208mm maximum.
Ride height must be no less than 3mm and is subject to spot checks to prevent damage to the carpet
No external bumpers are permitted, although internal bumpers designed to minimise injury/damage to other cars may be fitted. Rigid bumpers made from non-resilient material (e.g. metal) are not allowed.

13.5t motor in blinky mode (no esc boost / turbo)

Open choice.
Reverse is not permitted


1s hard case LiPo firmly secured into the car.

Here’s a chassis with electrics installed:


Open choice.

Wheels / Tyres:
Any foam GT12 tyres.
Wheel / tyres must not protrude from the body.

Body Shell:
Any GT body designed for 1:12th scale GT12 racing.
Rear wings are permitted but must not be wider that the body shell itself.

Other Requirements:

  • Water based tyre additive only.
  • Hop-ups and upgrades are permitted.