Tamiya Truck Construction Rules

1:14th scale Tamiya Trucks
Truck racing is intended to be an entry level but fun class. The trucks are mainly built to kit spec with very limited changes or modifications allowed. This maintains the budget approach but also ensures all kits are very similar in terms of performance, meaning the focus is on the driver’s ability. Build rules have been introduced to not only level the playing field, but to keep costs minimal and in line with other local clubs where you can race these trucks.


Choose from Tamiya Truck Kits:-

  • 58661 BuggyRa Fat Fox
  • 58642 MAN TGS Team Reinhert
  • 58632 Team Hahn Racing MAN
  • 58683 Tankpool24

    Track width must be maintained at 190mm.
    Ride height must be no less than 5mm and is subject to spot checks to prevent damage to the carpet.


Choose from:-
Kit supplied 540 Tamiya Torque Tuned, clearly identifiable and can unopened
A standard RS540 ‘silver can’ could be used although it wouldn’t offer the same performance as the kit version


Choose from:-
Tamiya TBLE-02S Part: 45057
Hobbywing Quicrun 1060, Part: HW30120060007


6 cell NiMh or stick or shorty 2s hard case LiPo firmly secured into the car


Pinion, any brand, equal to kit size of 19t.
Spur Gear, any brand equal to kit size of 61t.

Wheels / Tyres:

Kit tyres only. Part: 51589
Optional wheels are permitted only if they match kit width, diameter and offset. (allowed as kit wheels are known to be fragile)

Body Shell:

Kit bodyshell may be exchanged for any brand of 1:14th scale Racing Truck body currently available such as Montech M-Truck or BittyDesign Iron 190mm versions (allowed as the kit shells can be expensive)
Cab braces (one per side) may be used as long as they aren’t metallic or have sharp edges (mainly found on the flat front style cab to prevent cab wobble)
Bodyshells must be fitted as recommended and not adapted or cut down.


Other Requirements:

Water based tyre additive only
Front foam bumper must be fitted
Body posts must be cut down, and filed smooth, to a length that does not protrude the shell if upside down.
Oiled differential permitted.
Tyre Inserts permitted. Gluing of sidewalls permitted.
Drive Shaft, Prop Shaft & End Drive Coupler upgrades permitted. Ally Prop Part: 54026.
Oil filled shocks permitted.
Turnbuckle replacements permitted only if kit length
Kit rear bumper permitted
Ball Races permitted.