GT12 / Truck / Hot Rod Construction Rules


  • Only commercial available GT12 cars are allowed, currently there are only 4 manufacturers, Schumacher, Zen, Mardave and Ore.
  • Maximum width of rolling chassis is 165mm.  Wheelbase is 196mm minimum and 208mm maximum.
  • No external bumpers are permitted, although internal bumpers designed to minimise injury/damage to other cars may be fitted.  Rigid bumpers made from non-resilient material (e.g. metal) are not allowed.


  • Any commercially available Lexan bodyshell specific to the GT12 Class are allowed (see below for a list of those, and also pictures of the 4 most popular ones)
  • The bodyshell must remain securely fastened to the chassis whilst the car is on the track.
  • Bodyshells are to be painted, with a clear windscreen (unless actual car did not have a clear windscreen) and any side/rear windows.
  • Wheel wells/arches must be cut out (if on original car) and may not be more than 10mm larger than tyre diameter.
  • Only one wing is allowed on the car with a maximum width of 165mm and chord of 50mm,unless the original car had more than one wing.  The second wing must be to scale within 10% in size and location.
  • The wing must be non-metallic, commercially available and securely fixed.
No part of the chassis or equipment may extend beyond the body except for aerial masts, rear diffuser (if fitted) and up to 4 posts for mounting the bodyshell.


Lotus GT1 (part no. GT0)1, Ascari GT3 (part no.GT02), Aston Martin (part no. GT03), Type F (Ferrari) (part no. GT04), Porsche GT3 (part no. GT05)

Lotus GT1 (part no. V140), Ascari GT3 (part no. V151), Aston Martin (part no.V160), GT2 (part no. V131), Porsche (part no. V113), Ginetta (part V161) 

Penguin Custom Bodyshells
Lambo GT12 (part no. PEN01)

McLaren P1 (part no. 60909)

Phat Bodies
McLaren (part no. PBGT02), Nissan NSX (part no. PBGT01)
McLaren (M12) (part no. #1613-30), Screwz4rc, Audi R8 (part no. G903)

The most popular bodyshells are:


  • Only one drive motor is allowed per car, with drive to the rear (2) wheels.
  • Only flexible aerial masts/tubes to be used.
  • Reverse is not permitted.

Brushless Motors

  • Brushless motors are of a maximum of 13.5 and powered by a 1s Lipo hard cased battery with a maximum nominal voltage of 3.7v (3.8v for the HV versions)
  • Speed controllers for the brushless motors to be set in ‘BLINKY mode (no form of automatic/programmable timing function enabled.  Those without such function and senseless speed controllers are allowed.

Brushed Motors

  • Brushed motors to be of the G2 2010 (tin can) type and powered by cells with a maximum nominal voltage of 4.8v.
  • Speed controllers for these are without the brushless restrictions.


  • Wheel rim diameter 40mm maximum.
  • Tyres must be a minimum width of 20mm and maximum of 26mm.
  • Wheel nuts/axles must not protrude more than 2mm beyond the outer edge of the wheels.
  • No more than 1.5mm of wheel outer side May be exposed (not covered by the tyre rubber) on the outer edge of the wheel.
  • Tyre additive may be used providing it is non-toxic, odourless and any excess is removed from the surface of the tyres ( i.e. ‘touch dry’ prior to putting on the track)


  • Minimum weight is 950 grams, ready to race, including transponder and bodyshell.
  • Minimum ground clearance is 3mm under chassis and body, 1mm at the spur gear.



  • You may exchange the kit esc (TBL-02s) for the Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 (60A) as they are a little more reliable.


  • Standard kit supplied 540 Torque Tuned motor, however a standard RS540 silver can could be used although it wouldn’t offer the same performance as the kit version.


  • 7.4V 2s LiPo or 7.2v NiMH battery


  • Any servo can be used but the kit linkages must be used.

Gearing / Drivetrain

  • Kit gear ratio must be used, although you may exchange the kit supplied plastic pinion for a metal equivalent, as long as it remains 19t and offers no performance enhancement, just improved durability.
  • Alloy prop shaft may be fitted as it offers no performance enhancement, just improved durability.
  • Kit plastic or brass bushes can be exchanged for bearings.


  • Kit supplied plastic bodied friction shocks can be exchanged for oil filled shocks.

Wheels / Tyres

  • Kit tyres must be used, although you may use inserts in the tyres.
  • Kit wheels are preferred, although as these can become quite fragile and break, alternative wheels may be used as long as they are the same diameter and offset and the kit tyres are maintained.


  • Kit bodyshell may be exchanged for Montech M-Truck or BittyDesign Iron 190mm versions as the kit shells are prohibitively expensive.
  • Cab braces (one per side) may be used as long as they aren’t metallic or have sharp edges (mainly found on the flat front style cab to prevent cab wobble


If you are considering buying into the Hot Rod class, here are a few links we can suggest for new kits. Mardave and Kamtec. Also, feel free to visit the club on a race evening to get a better understanding of the class and get advice from fellow racers.

Mandatory Requirements:

Chassis – Cars to be 1/12th scale unmodified carbon or GRP Mardave VRX Oe Club/Stock or Kamtec Hot Rod 2L at £RRP 59.99. Older versions of these cars are permitted.
No modifications to the chassis are permitted.

Body Shell – Only ABS or lexan/polycarbonate body shells in the Hot Rod / Saloon style to be used.
Rear axle must remain solid (No Diffs).
Spur Gear – 32dp only.
Pinion Gear – 32dp only.
ESC’s – Brushed ESC only such as the Mtroniks range of K1, Viper or EC, or Hobbyking 1060 ESC’s may be used.

Motors – Brushed motors only.  Permitted motors are Satan 20, Kamtec K21, Kamtec K20, Core 21, G2 20, G2 2010, Saturn 20 or standard Silver can. No Tamiya Torque or Sport Tuned motors permitted.

Batteries – 4 cell NiMh battery. Battery mountings must be original kit.

Steel whip aerials and rollover masts are not allowed, however standard ‘straw’ type aerial is permitted.
Only wings or aerofoils supplied by manufacturer with the bodyshell. No under body aids are allowed.
Only water based tyre additive is permitted.
There should be a minimum ground clearance of 3mm; this is to include any protruding screws, 1mm clearance for spur gear. 

Permitted Adjustments and Upgrades:

Power Capacitors permitted. No limit on size. 

Internal front and rear bumpers are allowed.

Any strength suspension springs front or rear may be used.

Servos permitted up to the RRP value of £39.99 at new. 
Any servo saver & servo mounts may be used.
Any track rods, ball cups and balls may be used

Ball races are allowed on front and rear axles.

Any compound of GT12, Mardave, Kamtec and Contact tyres can be used. Tyres may be trued. Only Single bolt mounting is allowed. 

Any make of body mounts may be used.

Z-drive system is allow