And we’re back!

11th May 2021 Off By Ribble-1

At long last, I’m in a position where I can share some great news with you. We have finally been given the go ahead from Wellfield and have agreed our ‘return to race’ plans. 

As I’m sure most people will be with familiar with Covid restriction of varying levels by now, unfortunately we still have to conform to government guidelines and restrictions as we make a return to the track.

The current guidelines and restrictions are set to change on 17th May. This change means we will be able to re-open but only allowed to operate with 50% of our existing and previous capacity. 

To ensure we re-start with the lowest level of risk and stress, but the highest level of enjoyment, we have agreed to start racing again on 21st May but with some changes to how we operate.

Some of these changes may only be temporary and may not suit everyone but based on experience with moving goalposts over the last 12+ months, we will be constantly re-assessing the situation and will change our approach as required.

These changes and re-start measures are as follows:-

·        We will return to racing every Friday evening between 18:00 and 22:30

·        Doors will open 18:00 sharp and everyone is expected to turn up in plenty of time to help set the track up using their marshalling gloves. As we have reduced numbers, setting the track up to allow racing to start at 19:00 (or earlier if possible) will be a challenge, so it is more important than ever to help out. Likewise at the end of the night, help from everyone is expected. If it looks like the hall won’t be packed away and everyone out by 22:30, the following race event will be shortened to account for this, therefore everyone loses out. Please do your bit to help. There are enough jobs for anyone of any ability and any age.

·        We will alternate between ‘GT12 plus Tamiya Trucks’ one week, then ‘Buggy’ the next. This decision has been taken to avoid a large range of driving abilities racing in the same heat while we operate with reduced capacity. This has been a real problem for us in the past for the slow racers having to constantly get out of the way of the faster racers who are constantly navigating around rolling roadblocks.

·        Our opening night will be Friday 21st May, starting with GT12 and Tamiya Trucks

·        We will be running a slightly smaller track until social distancing restrictions are lifted.

·        We will be limited to 36 racers each week.

·        Our rostrum area will also be limited due to 2m distancing measures, meaning the number of racers in each race is likely to be limited to 6.

·        We have negotiated the use of the smaller dance studio for pitting, as well as the main hall as usual. This extra space, even with limited attendees is needed to ensure pit spaces are spaced out to allow sufficient freedom of movement to maintain a 2m social distance. A plan of how the pitting areas are to be laid out will be provided. Anyone found to be not following the layout, will be asked to move or leave.

·        We have bought additional carpet and negotiated additional storage space at the school, essentially allowing us the benefit of a dedicated buggy carpet and dedicated carpet for GT12 and Trucks. Although not due to Covid, this decision has been taken to maximise the enjoyment factor for all our racers and avoid the compromises we have all been subjected to with our existing carpet and track features.

·        We will be updating our Buggy and GT12 construction guidance and rules on our website and be adding information to help people wanting to start Truck racing. Keep a look out for some specific changes associated with the change to carpet.

·          Booking In

·              The usual links will be provided on our Facebook page and Website as per usual, however, we have implemented a different booking and payment process, so please take note:-

·              Racers will be able to select from two available payment methods, either:-

·          ‘voucher’ – if they possess one of our pre-paid race vouchers.

If a racer selects this payment method, it is expected that they hand in their race voucher as soon as they arrive at the venue to race control.

If a racer selects this method and turns up without a voucher, payment will not be accepted on the night and the racer will have to provide this voucher the next time they race.

We have temporarily suspended the sale of vouchers but are allowing the people who have some from last year, the opportunity to use them up.

·          ‘Paypal’ – a racer can secure their booking via Paypal

Friends and Family payment ‘only’ to – Goods payment will not be accepted and will be returned (due to increase cost to the club for processing)

The booking in process for each class will be treated slightly differently as follows:-

·        GT12 and Trucks

·        Booking will open on Monday 17th May at 12 noon for members ‘and’ non-members to race on Fri 21st May. The class you wish to enter will be clearly marked.

·        Payment must be made by 9am on Wednesday 19th. This will secure your place on the race night, unless booking in beyond our capacity of 36 racers is exceeded, in which case, these bookings will be held on a Reserve List.

·        If payment is not made by 9am on Wednesday, your place could be offered up to a reserve list or a driver wanting to race a second class.

·        Reserve list drivers will be allocated a space by 12 noon on Wednesday if one becomes available and will be contacted to confirm.

·        If a space does not become available and the reserve list driver is unable to be provided a space, a refund will be made by end of Friday, if they have paid.

·        If numbers / capacity allows, you may be able to enter a second class. Booking for this second class will open at 12 noon on Wednesday 19th.

·        Payment for the second class will need making before 6pm on Thursday so the heat listings can be prepared in advance of the race on Friday

·        Buggy

·        Member booking in for Fri 28th May will open on Mon 24th May at 12 noon.

·        Payment must be made by 9am on Wednesday 26th. This will secure your place on the race night, unless booking in beyond our capacity of 36 racers is exceeded, in which case, these bookings will be held on a Reserve List.

·        If payment is not made by 9am on Wednesday, your place could be offered up to a reserve list driver.

·        Booking in for non-members will open at 12 noon on Wednesday 26th.

·        Non-member payment is required before 6pm on Thursday so the heat listings can be prepared in advance of the race on Friday. 

·        As demand is expected to be high, the most fiercely fought race of the week may be the booking in race. We’ll hopefully only have to deal with this for a short period until we are allowed a greater occupancy.

·        If a space does not become available and the reserve list driver is unable to be provided a space, a refund will be made by end of Friday, if paid.

Regarding hobby / industry wide covid restriction and rules, we are following the guidance issued by the BRCA so we remain in line with other clubs operating indoor race events. We also have an increased set of school rules to follow.

Following the rules is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY and the committee will adopt a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with regards to these rules being followed. ANYONE not following the rules will be asked to pack up and leave immediately, as is the case at any other BRCA RC event.


·        EVERYONE MUST wear a recognised Covid safe face mask at all times while inside the building (no mask, no entry – only allowable reason for a mask not to be over someone’s face is while eating or drinking) – there are no exemptions on health grounds. BRCA rules are that if you are unable to wear a mask, you cannot race.

·        Pit spaces to be 2m apart and not directly facing anyone (no face to face sitting within 2m)

·        Rostrum needs spaces marking out 2m apart.

·        2m social distancing to be observed everywhere.

·        1 person allowed in toilets at once. May use M&F disabled toilets to self-manage this.

·        Hand sanitizer will be provided on the entrance and at the entry to the rostrum.

·        Everyone should also bring their own hand sanitizer.

·        All racers must provide and wear their own marshalling bibs at all times during the race event, not just while marshalling. Club bibs will not be provided (no bib, no race)

·        Own gloves to be worn when marshalling to prevent contact with other people’s equipment (no gloves, no race)

·        No visitors to the venue (even if they are your children / family members)

·        One parent only to accompany racing juniors (16 yrs and under)

·        Any adult accompanying a junior and not racing must leave their name and phone number with race control for traceability purposes.

·        Unless walking to the toilet, start or end of race and marshalling point, everyone must avoid unnecessary movement around the pitting areas and building (incl kids wanting to sit and talk with their friends – sorry)

·        Everyone must bring their own bin bag and take all their rubbish home with them. Anyone found to be leaving rubbish will not be allowed back to race.

·        Kit-sharing is strongly discouraged. If anyone needs to request help from racing reps, verbal instructions will be provided. No-one should be working on any equipment that does not belong to them.

I am truly sorry that these rules come across as very strict, but for anyone that has managed to race anywhere in the last 12+ months, they will be more than familiar with all these.

Unfortunately, the committee will not tolerate any bending of any rules. People will just be asked to leave. I’ve witnessed this happening at a number of race events, so this is a commonly adopted approach that allows us the opportunity to start racing again. Please don’t be the one person that ruins it for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and ongoing help with our club.

I hope to see you all soon trackside.