Race Report – March 2018

24th November 2018 Off By Ribble-1

Junior Race Report 9th March 2018 Round 4 Winter/Spring series 2018

After the bad weather the week before we were back to a full house at Ribble and lots of action packed races.

As for the result and as is customary, I will start with the E-Final buggy. In 7th place, but showing really good signs of improvement came Katie Martin with a super 4 laps, well done Katie you are definitely starting to get better every week. In 5th place with 8 laps we had Jacob Needham, well done Jacob. In 4th place with a personal best of 9 laps and her higher final finish so far, we had Sophie Smith. She had a really good battle with her cousin Adam Smith, who pipped her to 3rd place also with 9 laps. Up at the front it was a really close race for the win. In 2nd place with a fast 9 lapper we had Aaron Campbell. But just a few seconds ahead, finishing with 10 laps and first place came Blake Perei. Great driving Aaron and Blake 👍

Moving onto the D-Final Buggy. In 7th place with a very solid 9 laps we had Daniel Hurst, well done Daniel. Adam Hesketh finished one lap ahead and in 6th place, very good driving Adam. Up at the front there was a another fab junior battle for the race win. In the end Zak Smith had to settle for 2nd place with an excellent 13 laps. But taking the D final victory and with a superb 14 laps and some great consistent driving was Hollie Colbert. Really well done Hollie.

C-final Buggy next and a very even final with just two laps covering all 9 drivers. Levi Akeroyd was unlucky to finish in 9th position with 13 laps. Two places ahead in 7th was Connor Noblet with 14 laps, well done Connor. The only other Junior in the C-fianl was Ashton Perei, who had a fabulous race. He managed an excellent 15 laps and ended up just 2 seconds behind the leader in 3rd place. Great driving Ashton👍

Into the B-Final and Daniel Martin put in another excellent qualifying to make yet another B-final. In the end he finished in 9th with 13 laps. Well done Dan!

A-final buggy and another strong qualifying performance got Ben Smith into the A-final. 7th place and 18 laps was where he ended up. Fab driving all night Ben👍 There was an extremely close race for the 3rd to 6th positions, with just 2 seconds covering 4 drivers. Ethan Bradbury showed great composure under the pressure to take 3rd place. Great drive Ethan.

Moving onto the GT12 class and the B-final first. Not sure what happened to Noah Aldred’s car, but unfortunately he was unable to make the start. Oscar Smith finished in. 8th place with a very solid 9 laps, well done Oscar. In 5th place and an absolutely superb 15 laps came Oliver Lowe, excellent driving Oliver. Just one place ahead in 4th we had Josh Gardner, also with 15 laps. Leon Ashton also had a awesome race and ended up with 3rd place and 16 laps, just one second from getting a 17 lapper! But taking the B-final win in style and by a clear lap and an 18 lap total, Alex Perry. Brilliant race Alex.

Last but certainly not least, the A-Final GT12. In 9th place, but with a extremely good 20 laps came Meghan Bradbury. Really well done Meghan, you are becoming an A-final regular now. Michael Laws took top GT12 junior honours again this week, finsishing in 5th place with a very impressive 22 laps. Superb driving again Michael.

Thats all for this week. I won’t be there this Friday, but should hopefully be able to bring some certificates down, to be handed out as normal following championship nights. See you all soon

Junior Race Report 2nd March 2018

Well with snow affecting some areas and gales across the others, not everyone could make it but we still had 47 racers in total, 40% of them juniors!

As always there were some great drives throughout all the heats. So lets start with the D-Final Buggy, and there was only 2 laps covering 5 of the 6 drivers, so it was really quite close. in 6th place with 7 laps we had Aaron Campbell, good driving Aaron. Just ahead and in 5th place with a personal best of 8 laps came Sophie Smith, well done Sophie. Also with 8 laps and in 4th place we had Devilin Robinson, just missing out on a 9 lapper by 1 second, unlucky. In third place and only just ahead was Adam Smith, well done Adam. In second place and just two seconds ahead of Adam came Thomas Needham awesome drive Thomas. But taking the win with a superb 11 laps was Daniel Hurst, fab driving Daniel.

C Final buggy next and in 6th place with 12 laps came Zak Smith, really well done Zak. In 4th place with a very strong 14 laps came Connor Noblet, excellent driving Connor. Up front there was a really close scrap for the win, with Levi Akeroyd being pipped into second place by just 4 seconds. So close to a win, but still excellent driving Levi.

Onto the B-Final and Daniel Martin had one of his best qualifying results in recent weeks making the B. In the end he finished in 8th place with 14 laps, well done Dan.

Into the A-Final and my Ben gave me a run for my money all night. After round 1 he was 0.4 secs behind me, after round 2 still only 2 seconds. By round 3 I got my game face on and got an extra lap, but he still qualified one place behind me in 5th on the grid. Unfortunately for him some pretty unkind driving by lapped cars meant he finished in 6th place. Ethan Bradbury drove superbly all night and capped his 3rd place qualifying position with a 2nd pace finish and a quick 19 lapper, superb driving Ethan.

Onto the GT12 class and a B-final packed with Junior drivers. In 8th place, but with an excellent 9 laps came Charlie Gardner, well done Charlie. In 7th place with 10 laps we had Noah Aldred, who didn’t manage to finish the race, unlucky Noah. in 5th place with a super 13 laps came Oliver Lowe, awesome driving Oliver. In 4th place with a super 15 laps we had Leon Ashton, great drive again Leon. In 3rd place with a very impressive 16 laps we had Josh Gardner, excellent driving Josh. But in 2nd place and with a really strong race we had Alex Perry. Very well done Alex.

Finally onto the A-final and with the snow hampering her race rival Michael Laws ability to come, Meghan Bradbury took top Junior honours in the GT12 class this week. In a strong final she finished 8th with a very respectable 18 laps. Well done Meghan.