Race Report – January 2018

24th November 2018 Off By Ribble-1

Race Report – Round 2 Winter/Spring Series – 26th January

Well what a great nights racing, with a total of 24 junior drivers taking part!!! We are really struggling to cope with the popularity of the club at the moment and we are trying to be as fair as possible for everyone, so please bear with us during this busy period. The start of the year is always very busy and often things do quieten down slightly once the weather gets better and some of the other clubs start holding their outdoor events.

But only through some fantastic support, both setting up and packing away, did we make sure that everyone who wanted to race managed to get in. That included a lot of our juniors. So thank you very much to everyone who helped, but we need more of the same this week, otherwise we will have to start limiting numbers again.

Doors open at just before 6, which is when we need to start getting the track down. Let’s see if we can get everyone helping so we can match our 6:30pm record for having the track ready.

Onto the results from last week. Starting in the E Final Buggy, in 7th place with a very poorly car this week was Maisy Booy, unlucky Maisy and hopefully this week with new kit there will be a big improvement. In 6th place with a very respectable 8 laps we had Adam Smith, just a few seconds behind Jacob Needham who finished in 5th place, also with 8 laps. In what turned out to be a super close race for 2nd place we had Blake Perei and Aaron Campbell. Blake managed to just pip Aaron to the place by just one second, both with 9 laps, great driving. But out in front and taking a superb win we had Adam Hesketh with an excellent 11 laps, very well done Adam.

Onto the D-Final now and in 8th place with a very respectable 9 laps was Elliot Booy. Just ahead of Elliot and also on 9 laps was Develin Robinson. In 6th place with a fab 10 laps we had Daniel Hurst, well done Daniel. Very similarly to the E final there was an awesome battle for 2nd place, this time with 3 cars involved. Having managed the fast lap of the final Daniel Martin was unlucky to finish in 4th place with 13 laps. In second place also with 13 laps, came Zak Smith with an excellent drive. But taking the win with a super 14 laps we had Hollie Colbert, great driving Hollie.

C-Final next and yet another close battle between two of our juniors. This time it was Will Booth and Ashton Perei battling for 5th place. Only half a second separated the two at the line with Will hanging onto his 5th place, with both of them getting 14 laps. Just 7 seconds further down the track we had Connor Noblet, who finished a superb 3rd place also with 14 laps. Well done Connor.

B-Final Buggy next and the only Junior in this final was the ever improving Levi Akeroyd. Levi really has started to come on strong this year and will definitely be up there battling for the Under 12 title this year. Levi finished an absolutely superb 3rd place with 17 laps. Fabulous driving Levi.

In the A-final Buggy, we had Ben Smith who after a bit of suspension tweaks during qualifying got his new car dialled in sweetly and managed 6th on the grid. Unfortunately despite excellent advice from his crew chief, Ben decided to try and keep up with the fastest cars instead of running his own pace and finished the final in 8th place. Ethan Bradbury finished in 5th place with 18 laps, which was still an excellent result against some strong Senior competition.

Onto the GT12 class and another strong Junior showing. In 9th place with an unfortunate non-finish we had Noah Aldred. In 7th place we had the always impressive young Oliver Lowe, with 11 laps. So close now to that 12 lap certificate. Just one place ahead but with an awesome 15 laps came Leon Ashton, great drive Leon. But in 3rd place, showing his dad how its done, yet again, we had Alex Perry with a superb 18 laps. Excellent driving Alex.

Finally the A-Final GT12 and I must admit I am not 100% sure what went on as both Meghan Bradbury and Michael Laws seemed to finish the race but had big gaps at the start for Michael and towards the end for Meghan. In the final listings we had Meghan finishing in 9th place with 5 laps and Michel finishing in 8th place with 12 laps. So if any wants to supplement my report with more details I am sure people will be keen to know what happened.

Anyway that’s it this week and if you have made it all the way to the end, thanks for reading

Race Report for 19th January Championship Round 1

With the trophies all done and handed out from the last championship it was time for the 1st round of the Winter/Spring 2018 series. As always at our fab club we had a strong Junior contingent of racers, 21 in total. So without further ado:

In the first final of the night the D-Final Buggy and in 9th place came Maisy Booy who looked to be having mechanical issues and had to drop out of the race after just 60 secs, unlucky Maisy. In 7th place but with an excellent 9 laps was Blake Perei. Just one lap further ahead and in 6th place came Adam Hesketh. There was a really close battle for 3rd place with just 3 seconds covering 3 cars. So Daniel Hurst was very unlucky to finish in 5th place, just 0.4 seconds behind Elliot Booy, both getting 10 laps. But out front and owning the final we had Zak Smith with a superb 13 laps, well done Zak.

Onto the Junior dominated C-final and Will Booth’s electrical gremlins ruled him out of the race unfortunately. This final was one of the closest of the night with only 2 laps covering 8 drivers! In 8th place with 13 laps was Connor Nobett. A lap ahead with 14 laps came Hollie Colbert in 6th, with Lewis Wallace just a few seconds ahead also on 14 laps. It was super close at the front also, with just 7 seconds covering the top 4 drivers. Dan Martin finished 4th with 15 laps and just ahead of Dan we had Ashton Perei also on 15, great drive boys! Levi Akeroyd pushed for the win but had to settle for 2nd place again with 15 laps. Well done Levi.

Ben Smith was the only Junior in the B-final having qualified on pole. A collision in the third heat left him unable to start the final, but a great start with his new car, despite only finishing one heat, in which he also brought the car off a lap too soon, thinking he had already finished.

In the A-Final Arron Redmond couldn’t match his excellent qualifying, having to bring the car off during the race, unlucky Arron. Ethan Bradbury, however, kept up his good run of form and finished an outstanding 2nd place with 19 laps. Well Done Ethan.

Onto the increasingly popular GT12 class and starting with the B-final. In 7th place with 7 laps we had Jacob Needham, well done Jacob good effort. In 6th place cam Leon Ashton with a very respectable 12 laps. 4th and 5th place almost needed a photo finish as Noah Aldred missed on a 4th place position by a quite incredibly less than 0.2 of a second, getting a fab 15 laps. In 3rd place with a superb 17 laps came Alex Perry, extremely well done Alex.

Finally onto the A-Final and Megan Bradbury managed to beat her arch rival from last years championship, Michael Laws, but again there was only one place separating them. Michael Laws finished in 9th place with 16 laps, whilst Meghan Bradbury finished in 8th with an excellent 19 laps. Well done Megan

Race Report 5th January 2018

Welcome back everyone, although we weren’t away very long;-) First week back and we were jammed to the rafters with drivers eager to get back to racing after the New Years festivities.

In the first final of the night, the D-Final Buggy, in 4th place we had Annabelle Akeroyd with a very respectable 7 laps, which on another night would have had her up challenging for the win. In 3rd place also with 7 laps came Adam Hesketh, well done Adam. Jacob Needham had a really strong race with an excellent 9 laps and finishing in a great second place. But out in the front of the pack with an extremely good and consistent drive was Blake Perei. Super well done Blake.

Onto the C final and another strong final. In 8th place with 10 laps came Daniel Hurst, well done Daniel. Slightly further ahead there was a great scrap for 3rd place, with 3rd to 6th place all finishing on the same 14 laps. Hollie Colbert was unlucky to finish at the back of this bunch with 6th place, but she was less than 1 second behind Lewis Wallace in 5th place, well done Hollie and Lewis. Just a few seconds further ahead we had Levi Akeroyd who continues to drive really well. But taking 3rd place and just missing out on a 15 lapper was Will Booth, well done Will.

Onto the B-final and Dan Martin built on his excellent qualification performance with a very solid 5th place in the B with 5 laps. Great drive Dan. Just one lap further ahead and battling with a difficult handling car (his mechanics fault apparently) we had Ben Smith. Ben finished in second place, just 1 second behind the ultimate winner. Well done Ben.

In the A-Final, Ethan Bradbury finished the clean sweep. He had a great qualifying a started on pole position. Having managed to get a clean getaway, he had a fast and consistent race and held on to the win. Great drive Ethan.

Onto the GT12 class and the B-Final. In 8th place with his first race back for a little while we had Oscar Smith, with a fab 8 laps, well done Oscar. In 4th place and still astounding us all with how fast he has taken to driving an RC car we had Oliver Lowe with an amazing 14 laps, well done again Oliver. Up at the front, Alex Perry managed to get one over on his dad and finished in 2nd place with a brilliant 17 laps, well done Alex.

Finally onto the A-Final GT12. A really strong field made for some really close racing. Meghan Bradbury had a great drive finishing in 4th place with an excellent 19 laps. Great drive Meghan. In second place and holding off the pressure brilliantly was Michael Laws. Super drive Michael, well done.