Race Report – February 2018

24th November 2018 Off By Ribble-1

Round 3 Winter/Spring Series 2018 23rd February

Well what another fab night and another full race report, with 27 Juniors racing this week!

Getting straight into it, lets start with the E-Final Buggy, which was contested by 9 Juniors taking all the starting places on the grid. In 9th place, but still with some superb driving was young Katie Martin, achieving 4 laps, which is more than good enough to earn her, her first lap achievement certificate. In 8th place and in a close battle with Sophie, came Aaron Campbell with 6 laps. Only just ahead on 7 laps came Sophie Smith, well done Aaron and Sophie. In 6th place with a very solid 8 laps came Harrison Coomer, good driving Harrison. Breaking into the top half of the final places was Blake Perei with a extremely respectable 9 laps, good driving Blake. Up at the front there was two very close battles. New driver Harrison Baron had a great tussle with Jacob Needham. Harrison just managed to keep ahed to take 3rd place, pushing Jacob into 4th, both getting 10 laps and separated by less than half a second! One lap ahead with 11 laps, we had another great fight, between Devilin Robinson and Adam Hesketh. Again the two were separated by just half a second at the finish line, with Devilin just managed to hold on and take the win. Great driving by everyone, well done!

Onto the D-Final Buggy and some more excellent racing. In 7th place with 9 laps we had Daniel Hurst, well done Daniel. Just one place ahead with 10 laps came Elliott Booy, getting to grips with his new car, so thats a very good result. In 5th place we had another Boy, this time it was Maisy with an excellent 12 laps. Well done Maisy, but watch out I think Elliott is coming for you😜

C-Final Buggy and some more fab junior performances. At the back of a strong line up with had Ashton Perei with 10 laps, better luck next week Ashton. In 8th place with a really good 13 laps came Connor Noblett. Also with 13 laps and an excellent 6th place we had Hollie Colbert, grid driving Hollie. In an excellent 3rd place and with a quick 15 lapper came Daniel Martin. Very solid performance Dan, well done. But in 1st place with a brilliant 16 laps was Levi Ackeroyd. Awesome driving in the final Levi👍

Just one junior in the B-final this week. Ben Smith was unlucky not to make the A-final, despite there being some very quick top drivers here this week. Qualifying pole on the grid, Ben led from the start and finished a lap clear with a superb 18 laps. Super drive Ben.

in the A-final we once again had Ethan Bradbury battling out and more than holding his own against some top drivers. Ethan finished an excellent 5th place with 18 laps, really well done as always Ethan!

Onto a jam packed GT12 class and starting with the B-Final. In 9th place and very respectable 8 laps came Oscar Smith, well done Oscar. In 8th place with a extremely solid 10 laps we had Charlie Gardner, fab drive Charlie. In 6th place with an awesome 13 laps we had Oliver Lowe, well done. One place and one lap higher we had Leon Ashton with an excellent 14 laps, super driving Leon. In 4th place and just managing to keep ahead of Leon by 2 second at the finish was Josh Gardner. Well done Josh. Finally in an excellent 2nd place with 16 laps finished Noah Aldred. Great Driving Noah!

Finally onto the A-Final GT12. In 9th place, but with a extremely respectable 19 laps came Meghan Bradbury. Well done Meghan. Continuing his good run of form and finishing in 5th place we had Michael Laws. Michael was in a battle with 5 other cars all finishing on 22 laps, so it was an extremely close race and even though he finished in 5th, he was only 2 second behind 2nd place and perhaps more importantly 2 laps ahead of his dad👍 (I recognise I should be careful to joke about such things, as I think I will also be joining the ranks of dads being beaten by their kids fairly soon!)

Junior Race Report 16th February 2018

Starting with the E-Final and an unfortunate end to the night for Jacob Needham, as he didn’t manage to make the start of the final. But in 6th place we had Katie Martin, one of our new starters and really improving every week, with an excellent 4 laps, well done Katie. Just ahead of her, another new starter, Sophie Smith with 6 laps, great driving Sophie. Aaron Campbell managed to keep ahead of the girls with an super 7 laps. Blake Perei was next, in a brilliant 3rd place with 10 laps, fab driving Blake. But Elliott Booy took top Junior in the final with 11 laps, excellent driving Elliott.

Next up the D-final buggy and in 8th place we had Devilin Robinson, with a solid 7 laps. In 7th place and only in his first ever race came Harrison Boomer. Awesome driving Harrison and very impressive for your first time. In 6th place was Adam hesketh with a good 10 laps, only a few seconds behind Daniel Hurst also on 10 laps. In 4th place we had the fast improving Maisy Booy, who is really coming on well with her new car. Well done Maisy. But out in front with a superb 1st place win we had Dan Martin with 13 laps, great driving Dan.

Onto the C-Final and another strong final for the juniors. In 6th place with an excellent 13 laps came Lewis Wallace. IN 5th place with 14 laps came Connor Noblett, fab driving Connor. In a super 3rd place we had Ashton Perei with a really good 14 laps, well done Ashton. Finally in another win for the juniors we had Levi Akeroyd with a very fast 15 laps, superb driving Levi. It won’t be long before you are giving Callum a run for his money.

No juniors in the B final this week.

In the A-final ben Smith came in 7th place, which was a great achievement considering there we’re a lot of really fast senior drivers racing last week. Well done Ben. In 3rd place and only 4 seconds off the lead following an excellent battle with Richard Taylor we had Ethan Bradbury with 18 laps, excellent as always Ethan.

Onto the increasingly popular GT12 class and starting with the B Final. In 8th place with a few car issues we had Noah Aldred, better luck next week Noah. In 6th place with a very fast 14 laps came Leon Ashton, great drive Leon. In 4th place and following an entertaining father son battle we had Alex Perry and 17 laps, letting his dad beat him for a change. Meghan Bradbury also had a great run in the final and was just beaten into second place, but managed an excellent 18 laps. Well done Meghan.

Finally the A-Final and only one Junior racer, but a very impressive one at that. Michael Laws had an amazing race and was so unlucky not to take the overall win. He finished just 4 seconds behind the winner with an astonishing 22 laps. Superb driving Michael.

Well as they say in the cartoons, thats all folks. But just a reminder that we are back to championship nights for the next couple of weeks, so lets get some more great junior performances earning some new lap achievement certificates. Also keep an eye out for the star chart, which is on the website, which we also update post championship nights.

Junior Race Report – Fun Night – 2nd Feb

Well what a great night of racing again and jam packed with over 20 Junior drivers taking part.

Starting with the E-Final and we had 4 girls, 3 kids and one big kid (Alysha) taking part, including 2 brand new starters which is great to see. in 7th place came Annabelle Akeroyd, with 5 laps. Just ahead of Annabelle we had new starter Katie Martin also with 5 laps. Katie did really well for her first time driving a car. well done. Only a few seconds in front we had another brand new driver, my own Sophie Smith. Sophie couldn’t quite match her 7 laps in qualifying, but I was still super proud of her and how she drove. In 4th place came Aaron Campbell who also drove superbly well and managed an excellent 7 laps, well done Aaron. In an excellent 2nd place and finally managing to get a 9 lap finish that he worked really hard for, we had Jacob Needham, well done Jacob. But one place higher and taking the win was Adam Hesketh, who is really becoming a very good and consistent driver. Great drive Adam.

Onto the D-Final Buggy and in 8th place with a very good 8 laps came Blake Perei. In 7th place with a fab 9 laps we had Adam Smith. Well done Blake and Adam. In 5th and 5th place we had a sibling battle between the Booy’s, with Maisy finishing in 6th with 10 laps and Elliot a few seconds ahead in 5th. Also with 10 laps in 4th place came Devilin Robinson, well done Devilin.

In the C-Final and in 6th place we had Meghan Bradbury, giving her buggy a run out, finishing with 7 laps. In 4th place with 10 laps came Connor Noblet, very good drive Connor. In 3rd place with an excellent 11 laps came Hollie Colbert, well done Hollie. With a superb 2nd place and 12 laps came Zak Smith. Awesome driving Zak.

B-final next and some great qualifying meant we had 4 Under 12 drivers making the B-final this week. In 7th place but with an excellent 14 laps was Ashton Perei, really great driving Ashton, well done. 2nd to 6th place was exceptionally close with 5 drivers all finishing on 15 laps. Dan Martin was unlucky to get 6th, but should be proud of one of his best results to date. Levi Akeroyd managed an excellent 5th place, well done Levi. But out in front and taking the win from pole position was Ben Smith. Ben finished with 17 laps and 2 clear laps ahead of the rest of the field, well done Ben.

With Ethan being absent from racing due to illness, for the first time in a long time, the A-final was left to the old codgers to battle it out!

Next up B-Final GT12. In 5th place with an awesome 10 laps came Oscar Smith, super driving Oscar. Just ahead of Oscar and also with an excellent 10 laps came Oliver Lowe.

Finally to the A-Final GT12 and Micheal was left to race without his arch rival Meghan. He drove absolutely great and was flying, finishing with 21 laps and having a great battle with his dad. Very well done Michael.