Junior Race Report – 20th April

24th November 2018 Off By Ribble-1

Junior Race Report – 20th April

Another fun packed nights racing at Ribble and without further ado, here is the race report.

E-Final Buggy and in 6th place but with a big improvement from last week we had Katie Martin with 7 laps. Even more impressive was her fastest lap was even quicker than her Dads Aaron Campbell finished just ahead on Katie in 5th place also with 7 laps. Sophie Smith finished in 4th place and still struggling to beat her cousin and nemesis Adam Smith, who finished in 3rd. Sophie managed 8 laps this week with Adam getting 9. Adam Hesketh was on great form this week and took 2nd place with an excellent 9 laps, while Harrison Baron drove brilliantly to take the win with 10 laps. Really well done everyone.

D-Final buggy. Devillin Robinson couldn’t match last weeks brilliant result and had to pull out of the final on the first lap, better luck next time Devillin. Another solid finish for Daniel Hurst, who ended the race in 7th place with 9 laps. Finlay Donegan, who has only just started racing drove absolutely superbly to take 3rd place with an excellent 12 laps, well done Finlay.

Onto the C-Final and lots of junior battling out for the race win. Zak Smith finished in 7th place with 12 laps, but it must be pointed out 3rd place to 7th all finished on the same lap, which shows you how tight the final was. Dan Martin and Levi Akeroyd had a great battle on the track. In the end there was less than 2 seconds splitting them, with Levi holding onto 3rd place. But taking a very well deserved victory, Connor Noblett finished with a very impressive 14 laps. Great drive Connor.

In the B-final there was only Meghan Bradbury, representing the juniors. But she did a great job and was extremely unlucky not to take the win. She finished with a superb 15 laps and was just 1 second behind the race winner at the finish line. Well done Meghan.

In the A-Final, we had another excellent drive by a Bradbury. This time it was Ethan battling it out with our other top junior buggy driver Ben Smith. In the end they finished 5th and 6th respectively, being separated by just 1 second. Fab result boys.

Moving onto the GT12 class and another good set of races. Jacob Needham finished in 8th place, but a 3 lap improvement on last week, with 13 laps. Well done Jacob. In 7th place with another excellent drive we had Oliver Lowe with an impressive 14 laps. Well done Oliver. Noah Aldred finished in 5th place with a solid 15 laps. In 4th place and yet another really good race came Leon Ashton with 16 laps, a one lap improvement from last week. Well done Leon. Alex Perry couldn’t quite convert his pole position to a win, finishing in 3rd place with a very respectable 18 laps. Well done Alex.

In the A-Final we only had Michael Laws representing the juniors. But nevertheless he did a sterling job in a tough field. He finished in 8th place in the end with a solid 20 laps. Well done Alex.

Junior Race Report 13th April

As usual, let’s start with the Buggy E-Final, where we had 6 juniors battling for the win. In 6th place and extremely close to getting that all important 6 lap certificate was Katie Martin. Just ahead of Katie and making his racing debut came Max Murray with a great 7 laps, considering it was his first time out. About half a lap ahead also with 7 laps and in 4th place was Aaron Campbell, well done Aaron. In 3rd place we had the ever improving Sophie Smith who managed an excellent 8 laps this week. But up at the front and in an extremely close battle we had Blake Perei and Adam Smith. Both managed 9 laps and the finish line there was just 1 second in it, with Adam taking the win. Great racing boys!

Moving onto the D-Final and in 8th place with 9 laps came Adam Hesketh, good driving Adam. In 7th place also with 9 laps we had Finlay Donegan. In 6th place with a solid 10 laps came Daniel Hurst, just 3 seconds behind Maisy Booy, who finished in 5th. Devilin Robinson had a great scrap with his Dad, but was unlucky to just lose out by a little under half a lap, finishing in 3rd place with 11 laps, well done Devilin. But with a storming drive to take a well deserved victory, Elliott Booy with a superb 12 laps.

C-Final Buggy next in 7th place with a non-finish was Zak Smith, unlucky Zak. Hollie Colbert had an excellent race to finish in 4th place with an excellent 12 laps. At the sharp end there was a really good battle between Lewis Wallace and Dan Martin. In the end Dan was just too strong and took the win with 13 laps. Lewis finished one lap behind with 12. Excellent driving all round.

B-Final Buggy and we had just Connor Noblett battling it out with the Seniors. In the end Connor finished in 7th place with 12 laps. Well done making the B-Final Connor.

In the A-Final again there was just one junior, Ben Smith, who seems to be getting faster every week. He managed and excellent 5th place with 14 laps, not quite managing to replicate his qualifying pace.

Onto the GT12 class and starting with the B-Final. Jacob Needham finished in 8th place with 10 laps. Leon Ashton was on great form and managed an excellent 15 laps and 5th place, well done Leon. In 3rd place with 16 laps and giving the leaders a good run for their money, came Noah Aldred, great driving Noah.

Finally the A-final GT12 and again we had just one junior racing against 9 seniors. Alex Perry ended up in 9th place with a fab 17 laps. Well done for making the A final Alex.

Junior Race Report 6th April

Back to normal racing after the Easter special and the Easter holiday. We were pretty full again and despite a troublesome computer it was a great nights racing.

So as is customary, I will start with the E Final Buggy. Only 5 cars but still it was a great little race with some excellent driving. In 5th place with an excellent 4 laps on what is a tricky track was Katie Martin, super effort Katie. In 4th place and blaming dad for not setting the speed correctly on his car was Jacob Needham, with 4 laps. In 3rd place and a very good 6 laps came Aaron Campbell, well done Aaron. In 2nd place and a personal best final result, was Sophie Smith with 7 laps. But out in front and with some his best driving to date and a superb 9 laps was Adam Smith, great driving Adam.

Onto the D-Final and another close run race. In 6th place with 9 laps we had Maisy Booy, well done Maisy. In 4th place with an excellent 10 laps and just one lap behind the winner came Daniel Hurst. But in a very impressive first race meeting was the already fast and consistent Finlay Donegan. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Very well done Finlay.

Next up was the C-Final Buggy. In 8th place with 8 laps was Devilin Robinson, well done for making it into the C Final Devilin. In 7th place with an excellent 10 laps came Elliott Booy, well done Elliott. In a very good 5th place with 11 laps was Hollie Colbert, great driving Hollie. But top junior in the final was Zak Smith with a super 11 laps. Very well done Zak.

Moving onto the B-Final and in 7th place, but some fabulous jumping was Connor Noblet with 10 laps. In 6th place with a very solid 12 laps we had Dan Martin, really good driving Dan and an excellent battle with Paul Hagan and Levi Akeroyd. In 4th place, but only 1.5 secs ahead was Levi also with 12 laps, well done Levi. And finally in 3rd place with a superb 13 laps was Will Booth. Another good drive Will.

The last Buggy final of the night saw just Ben Smith representing the Juniors. Ben had a great 3rd qualifying heat, putting him 2nd on the grid. After a bit of a coming together with T-bone Bolton he recovered back to second place and remained there until the end, finishing with 15 laps. Awesome driving Ben.

Onto the GT12 class now. In the B-final it looked like a frustrating night for Alex Perry finished with an early exit in the final. Better luck next time Alex. In 5th place however and with some excellent driving achieving 15 laps, we had young Oliver Lowe, great driving Oliver. Also on 15 laps we had Leon Ashton in 4th place. Really good effort Leon, well done. But up in 2nd place with 16 laps came Noah Aldred, excellent work Noah.

Thats all for this week as we didn’t have any juniors in the A final GT12. Back to a championship night this coming Friday. I am going to wait and see what we are doing with the track before for the remainder of the championship before deciding what to do with lap achievement certificates. If the track changes significantly and is quite a bit longer or slower, then it will be difficult for people to improve on their previous lap achievements. Either way I will endeavour to let you know what I plan to do.